10.10 #2You don’t hear this enough from me: what I teach and create, I need to learn and experience. When we talk, I see myself in you, and you in me. Like you, I need to be reminded that I am more than my thoughts, and I need to clear my own limitations.

The relationship with money is seeded within
I don’t remember when I first realized that my difficult relationship with money was seeded within me. But it was pretty clear, when I had my Reiki practice, that there were people “out there” willing to pay for energy work, and I was not talking to them. Instead, I only seemed to cross paths with people who couldn’t pay me, or didn’t think they should. It’s been more than 10 years, but the lead weight feeling I carried around in my belly, of being an abject failure, is as fresh as if it had all happened yesterday.

New layers
Even though I have been working on my money mindset ever since, I still find new layers to work through! Most recently, I attended an event where facilitators, like me, reach beyond the conscious mind for healing, and in the experience a new and surprising piece of my money mindset finally arose in my awareness for clearing: when I was growing up in Colombia, visibly having money constituted a real physical danger. People I knew personally, like our neighbor, were kidnapped for ransom.

Unconsciously, I concluded that money can be dangerous and carried that energy into the rest of my life. This awareness, alone, already began to shift that energy for me; I used my tools for what was left.

Now youmHVlJ2c

I invite you to take this time for your own inquiry. Take the sacred space that we create together in these lines, through our intentions, and let yourself become very quiet and still. Breathe yourself to stillness and relaxation. When you are still clear, ask, and allow yourself, to become aware of any experiences or beliefs that may have been invisible to you, that are keeping you from expressing your full prosperity. As you do this, trust that the answers are available to you, and that you are capable of knowing them. Allow yourself to listen, and, even when you are done, stay open throughout your day and the next few days, for further awareness to arise.

What did you discover? How does the awareness change how you feel? What changes does the awareness now invite you to make? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

If you experience any sense of overwhelm and want help processing, if you want help moving the energy further, or if the blocks to your prosperity feel entrenched, connect with me or sign up for a complimentary call so we can see how I can help.

Small Waterfall photo by Alice Cooper

Clearing the Blocks to Prosperity
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