Vibrations Coaching: Sunflower
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Please, breathe in the intention of being present, and breathe out distraction and strain, before you read this love letter I have written to you:

Dear sister,

You are here to unfold ever more fully into your sacred Self: owning all of who you really are, pretty and ugly, whole. You are here to learn about the gifts spirit has blessed you with, in your blueprint, in who you are, what you have experienced, what moves you, what you yearn for.

When you let yourself shine, when you get out of your own way, when you relish your Self and are truly present, there is nothing more magnificent, nothing more beautiful and uplifting.

I want to be one of those who reminds you of this, to hold space for you to choose to honor your sacred Self, to help you feel the trust that you can do it, that you are meant to, that Spirit aids you always.

I want to see you shine and illuminate all who are in your life!

With love, Andrea

Vibrations Coaching: Letter
Photo Credit: Justyna Furmanczyk

What does that bring up for you? How have you been getting in your own way?

I know how I have been! I have been afraid to say this because I have been afraid to allow myself to shine fully, to trust that I am meant to do this, aided to.

But I am ready now. I have to be, because there are many I have challenged not to waste their gifts while I have been willing to waste mine. I can’t continue to do that. And I won’t stop encouraging people to use their sacred gifts.

It’s time to allow myself to use mine. They include helping you, and others, connect easily and deeply with your essence; being truly present to you and listening profoundly —even to what is not being said. More importantly, they include helping others find confidence and trust, touching into the peace that is at our core and opening to the Guidance and Wisdom that is always available to us!

Whatever the form my support takes (for some reading this, our paths may never cross in physical form), this is what I am on this plane for, what I am already doing, and what I am committed to in growing and greater ways.

Take a moment now to ask yourself how you can relish yourself today, what would help you be more fully present? What would you like to do differently, to allow your light to shine more brightly?  I would love to hear from you about it in private or in the comments!

A Love Letter
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