VibrationsCoaching:natural mandala from a retreat Is there so much going on in your life that you feel like you can’t take a deep breath? June gets like that, specially with school-age kids.

Some people were asking me what I meant in my last post about retreating.  And since it is when we least feel like we can find the time for ourselves that we most need to, it’s a perfect time to consider holding a personal, spiritual retreat!

Which means to set aside a sacred time, as long as you like (a week? a month?) or as short as 10 minutes, to connect with your Wisdom and open to higher guidance, find some answers (or at least new awarenesses), fill your cup and shift your energy.

It can be simple or very elaborate, but all you need is to set an intention, deliberately and mindfully. A great one is “I intend to release what is in my way and open to what I need.”  Another could be “I intend to reach a fruitful, efficient and exciting decision about X” or “I intend to nourish my Self.”  You get the idea: decide what you are trying to achieve in an open-ended form.

Then make the space sacred and safe, and do something that will help you fulfill your intention.  For example, on my last retreat (which was a full day long) I wrote without lifting my pen for three pages in my journal, I read poetry out loud, I meditated on the elements (air, fire, water, earth), I did a chakra clearing exercise, I burned sage, I rattled my gourd rattle, took various walks, sought a power/symbolic object, connected with my spirit guides, took a nap, and ate chocolate.

The other important elements of a retreat are setting out to do it with the clear understanding that everything within it has meaning AND is always FOR you, helpful, affirming, constructive.  And trusting yourself to make the deeper connections (as, in my retreat, seeing the yellow rubber trash and recognizing the gift in it).

It can feel artificial at first, but if you persist, it is always memorable and deeply healing!

Now You

Are you tempted? Try it out!  Make space for this ineffable and powerful experience.  And share how it goes, pretty please!

Would you like me to help you shape the experience, create an energetic container for it, and help you avoid the pitfalls (the first of which is resistance to doing it- I feel it every time I plan to retreat!)? If so, give me a call at 773/896-6006.

A Good Time to (Re)Treat!
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