I am back from the Renewal Retreat on La Finca, where I was fulfilling a lifelong dream of sharing that magnificent place with appreciative people. They were definitely appreciative, see for yourself (thanks to Elspeth Diederix for the video):






Towards the end of our time there, I realized that the dream was not mine alone, but that the land itself was calling for our presence.  You see, going there on retreat awakens a particular kind of attention, a reverent view of the land, the forest, each leaf, every orchid encountered. Our attunement to life in the landscape around us, our appreciation of the forms, our wonder in the changing weather— it is all a kind of honoring. 


That honoring is an energetic gift that La Finca and all the life unfolding there drink in from us.


But, on the retreat it was also an energetic gift for us. Through it, we were present, open to experiencing spaciousness, generosity and ease. There is a deep peace that comes with that, which cannot be described with words.


Now You


That gift is not limited to an extraordinary place like La Finca.  We can give it and receive it wherever we happen to be.  In fact, it allows us to recognize the “extraordinary” in our most ordinary spaces.


So I invite you to use this sacred space that we create through these lines and our intention, and gift yourself with an “honoring walk.”  That can be a literal hike where you are surrounded by nature, but it can also be a figurative one, where you traverse the place you are sitting in now (and anything in between, inside or out). 


The task is to bring attentiveness, reverence, and wonder to what you see, touch, smell, hear.  Let yourself experience beauty and awe in what you find in your surroundings.  If you like, express this as honoring with words or song.   Notice what happens in your body as you do this, perhaps your chest opens and expands, or your shoulders relax, maybe your vision softens some. Return from your walk whenever you are ready, or carry this honoring with you throughout your daily life.


What does this practice offer you? Does it awaken something unexpected or new?  You know that I love to hear from you, so please do share with me in the comments or by emailing me.

A Gift That Gifts the Giver
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