VibrationsCoaching:RenewalVisualizationRegardless if you celebrate a holiday, or how you spend the end of the year, it’s a very social time, often with family. That can feel delicious, and, at the same time, it can also be really draining.  It’s funny how that can work, a treat and a weight, all at once. 

As usual, I will bring everything back to energy. It is nourishing to connect with the people we love, and sometimes it means a lot of work (physical work, or emotional work), which can eat up lots of energy.

And for some, it’s a difficult time, of watching others socialize and feeling alone and sad.

So here is my gift for you: a visualization for energetic renewal and protection, which can nourish us all. I hope it’s as delicious for you to hear it, as it feels for me to send it out to you!

And I wish you a beautiful year’s end, of deep connections to your Self and your loved ones, here and gone. May 2017 bring you great gifts and blessings, and peace and joy.

A Gift of Renewal
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